How to Help!

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20% of AMA students are sponsored or looking for sponsors.”



AMA has many students needing sponsors to help them attend our school. Sponsorship aid with either a partial or full scholarship, based on the individual circumstance of each student. Currently we have several students receiving support from generous sponsors within Guatemala, the United States, and Europe. Their support makes a significant difference in the lives of these young local Guatemalans, and enables the School to continue to enroll students from lower income families, which is in accordance with our mission. Shown below are a few of the children for whom we are currently looking for sponsors, please contact us if you are inspired to invest in their lives. Any questions are welcome.

Sponsors can opt to pay in a single payment, quarterly, semiannually, or monthly. If you can’t afford to pay the full amount, we’re glad of any partial contributions! Donation will be accepted safely through PayPal to the account named “Colegio AMA”. For 501(c) tax-deductible donations, click here.

Ways to pay

Sponsors can opt to pay in a single payment, quarterly, semiannually, or monthly. If you can’t afford to pay the full amount, we’re glad of any partial contributions! If you´re interested in sponsoring one of these children, please contact us.  Check back soon to see other children needing sponsors or contact the office.

Sponsors are encouraged to keep in contact with their sponsored kids, and receive regular updates from their kids via email. Sponsorship is more than just helping these children obtain a good education, it’s also about letting them know that they have supporters who believe in them and want them to succeed.

For instructions on transferring your donated funds to AMA by bank transfer from the USA, please click here. [Not a 501(c) tax-exempt nonprofit organization in the United States.]

To donate by PayPal please use the button below or the buttons at the top: [Not a 501(c) tax-exempt nonprofit organization in the United States.]

Remember to specify the recipient of your sponsorship on your donation. You can do this through adding a ‘note’ or ‘details’ to your donation. Thank you for your generosity!

Note: We can accept 501(c) tax-deductible donations for residents from the United States through a NGO working with us. We have successfully received such donation through “The Integrative Health Project“. You automatically receive a donation receipt for tax purposes by email (consult your accountant for any questions).
Use this link for making a tax deductible donation to Colegio AMA:
Click or Tab for an overview on how to make a tax-deductible donation here; instructional picture.

General PayPal Donation. Not tax-deductible. With option to leave us a note through PayPal.

Other ways to help:

Even if you’re unable to sponsor a child there are many other ways in which you can help!

For long-term growth and stability, AMA needs to raise funds to enable us to purchase a permanent home for the school. Our current location limits the numbers of students we can accept and we are searching for a larger site in or around Panajachel. If you can help with finding or purchasing a site for the school, or with fundraising for a purchase, please contact the office!

AMA is staffed by volunteer teachers from around the world. Teachers are paid a stipend to cover their expenses living in Guatemala – currently around $650 per month. We accept resumes all year  – please check our listings on Idealist for the current openings or contact the office to let us know you’re interested in teaching.

Donate Time
Students love seeing new faces! And AMA is always needing volunteers. We would love it if you joined us! There are opportunities ranging from leading a student club, to tutoring students before or after school. If you would like to offer a special course in the arts or in STEAM Education, we’d also love to have you! Courses can implemented in June-August while during our summer vacation. If you write us here we promise to get back to you.

Donate Materials
80% of student tuition goes towards paying highly qualified teachers. Therefore, there are not always extra funds to efficiently support programs like physical education, technology, or our music and arts. Also, considering that the closest cities to Panajachel are Xela (3 hours to the west) and Guatemala City (about 4 hours to the East), it can be quite difficult to get quality, modern resources and textbooks to our school. Therefore we oftentimes lack modern materials for English language learning, as well as for math and science education, making the internet our best friend.
If you would like to make a donation, we’d be grateful forever. Please write us here.

Help spread the word about AMA and help us recruit more sponsors so we can help even more kids. Spreading the word about AMA on Facebook, LinkedIn, or other social media sites, can attract attention for the work we do. Contact the office to discuss ways you can help.