Our children

The children at AMA are representative of the demographics of the Guatemalan highlands. Most of our children are Guatemalan born with two Guatemalan parents. The following statistics summarize our student body:

  • Around 97% are Guatemalan citizens
  • Approximately 60% come from low-income homes
  • In the 2016-2017 school year, about 6% of students were from Expat families
  • 20% of our students are sponsored or looking for sponsors
  • Approximately 10% of students are considered to be living in ‘extreme poverty’ and come from homes where families are earning less than 1000 quetzales a month
  • Most students are learning English as their second language. While, some are learning English as their third language if a local Mayan dialect is spoken before Spanish or English

We are committed to providing places for students who cannot afford to pay most or all of the tuition fees by finding sponsors and donors to support them. Currently we have 15 generous sponsors from around the world who are supporting these kids.